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tl;dr: Apply now to our globally-accessible therapy fund, available to any dad struggling with their mental health.Readers of The New Fatherhood have come together to create a fund to help dads who are struggling to get access to therapy, regardless of where they are, what healthcare plan they're on, or how much money they have.Raising money for these dads has been easier than finding them. Because it’s hard to admit you need help as a dad—I know. I’ve been there. And then to admit you're struggling with your mental health, whilst asking for financial support too? That shit is hard.If you are a dad who personally feel you could benefit from talk therapy, please fill in this form. If you know a dad who doesn’t seem to be doing great, get in touch, lower your own armour first, ask how they are, and hold space for them to be able to do the same. And if they are looking for help, send them here.— Kevin

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If you'd like to contribute to the Therapy Fund, you can do so by becoming a paid subscriber of the newsletter and 10% of your subscription will go into the fund.You can also directly donate for one hour of therapy or cover the cost of 5 sessions for one dad.

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